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Put people first

Usability is all about putting the needs of people first.

So often in government and large organisations, we put the organisational need first and forget about what people need to successfully engage with us.

When designing, developing and delivering digital services, we follow the design principles in the Australian Government’s Digital Service Standard. We also use the standards for usability from the United States Government.

Both of these resources have excellent tips for building usability into your design and development practice.

Usability testing helps us establish how well a digital service works by watching how users actually use it. At DCJ, we undertake usability testing at key points during the design and development process to identify problems and fix them before a service is released.

How do you know if you’re putting people first? Key questions to ask

  • Can people easily complete key tasks?
  • How quickly can people complete those tasks?
  • Can people complete the task on their first try?
  • What distractions or barriers do people face? Can you remove those?
  • After using the service once, can a person remember enough to use it effectively the next time?
  • How much do people like using your service?

Don’t forget to use a responsive design that adapts to a range of devices and screen sizes, and to test on the full range of browsers and platforms that your audience may be using.

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Last updated: 28 Oct 2020